Outdoor activities enthusiast​

Why this target group?

People frequently visit different types of natural spaces while engaging in outdoor sports and leisure activities. Activities such as trekking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering and others, have become very popular and present a opportunities for direct encounters with nature and the local fauna. Thus, outdoor enthusiasts are potential candidates for participation in occasional data collection.

Why participate?​

There is strength in numbers, and scientific knowledge requires good data for an objective understanding of nature.

It allows active participation in the generation of knowledge and the conservation of nature.

Collaborating in the recording of fauna is an opportunity to enjoy land develop a deeper understanding of nature.

Don’t worry if you are inexperienced–you will quickly learn and will be surprised to discover what species live in your region.

How to participate?

The iMammalia mobile app has a very user-friendly design, allowing the recording of occasional observations of different species. The inclusion of photographs of the species or their signs, such as footprints, droppings, and food remains, improves record validation.

The MammalWeb application allows citizen scientists to easily upload all photos taken by camera traps, while respecting confidentiality of the precise location. Species are identified by citizens and experts, generating data of great scientific value.

Using the MammalWeb application, you can participate by identifying photos from your own camera traps or collaborating to identify photos in other regions. Even if you don’t have previous experience, in a short time, you will be able to identify most of species and other users will monitor and validate the photos you identify.